Kate Powell (RYT-200, CYPT) completed her teacher certification in June of 2013. Her experiences practicing yoga since 2008 and working on local, sustainable farms since 2010 have given Kate a strong commitment to holistic health; building community; and empowering students to take their yoga off the mat to create a life of love, authenticity, abundance, and possibility. A constant student herself, Kate loves reading, being outdoors, good food, and good conversations and can always be counted on to blurt out awkwardly and earnestly heart-felt things in a world that teaches us to keep those close to the chest. A grounded, loving, and fun teacher, Kate’s classes and yoga personal training sessions will compassionately challenge you so that you, too, can bring balance to your body and rediscover the strength, joy and perfection you’ve forgotten.

Where to work with Kate:

  • Yoga studios in Winchester, VA
  • Yoga personal training sessions (or very small group sessions) in studios or in your own home (Please contact her if you have questions about your location)
  • Teaching outside on farms and in vineyards
  • Small group sessions for fun events such as weddings, etc.
  • Through Fertile Ground Yoga’s workshops and retreats, offering different opportunities to expand your practice beyond physical-postures-on-a-mat while empowering you to CHOOSE your life. These include (but are not limited to): mindfulness workshops; explorations of other Limbs of Yoga; full-day or longer retreats including yoga, meditation, farm-to-table meals, and discussion of yoga-related themes

Check other tabs on this site for more details on Personal Sessions, Studio Schedule, and Workshops and Retreats. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to work with me and are not sure in what format!


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