Farm Table to Yoga Mat (or ‘Nom-aste’) Retreats:

As humans beings, we have to eat – and the more mindfully and joyfully it is grown and prepared, the more it nourishes! We also need a place to live starting with our physical bodies and moving out into our communities and our planet – and the more mindful and grateful the interactions between all of these, the more they flourish!

  • My intention with my Farm Table to Yoga Mat retreats is to celebrate the connectedness of our inner and outer experiences as manifested through food, bodies, and the natural and social world in which we exist. It is only through finding a more balanced relationship between all those things that we can truly heal.
  • The retreats include periods of silent meditation, the physical practice of yoga, eating a seasonal, simple, delicious meal sourced from local farms, and discussions about balance, mindfulness, and health.

Other Workshops:

To truly embrace the healing and transformational possibility of yoga is to CHOOSE a life of disciplined commitment. And let’s be honest – there are days when it seems really hard to follow through; days when the good things that normally make that discipline feel easy and joyous just seem so far away that you feel burdened instead. Maybe the circumstances of your life aren’t allowing you to get to your mat for a physical practice. But part of choosing what you want to cultivate in life is learning other ways to live Yoga so that Being Yoga becomes a reflexive habit, carrying you through the difficult patches in life – just like your breath. I offer workshops to help you deepen your yoga practice and expand it off of your mat and into your life. Some possibilities:

  • Exploring other Limbs of the Eight Limbs of Yoga (ex. Yamas, Pranayama)
  • Mindfulness Meditation workshops


Please keep checking back for information about upcoming scheduled events and don’t hesitate to contact me if you are a farm interested in hosting an event or have ideas about a beautiful space where we can come together to meditate, practice yoga and eat delicious, healthy food!


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